Can you use retin a and strivectin at same time

4. ledna 2013 v 7:50

Can you use retin a and strivectin at same time

Can you use retin a and strivectin at same time

Retin A...what moisturizer to use on top?
I just received my various tubes of Retin A from alldaychemist. I remember you ladies talking about a moisturizer to put on top that does not have any active in

Products that can be used with Retin A.

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Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:55 pm Quote: I did a search on the forum for Retin A and came up with 1343 topics. I scanned the first few pages of topics but couldn't find the
Does anyone on Retin-A also use argan oil? If so, do you apply the Retin-A in the evening and wait for some period of time (1 hour, 2 hours?) before applying

Argan oil and Retin-A? - QVC Community -.
Hello, I have some stretch marks on my thighs and bum and I would like to make them disappear. I use Palmer's cocoa butter on them now but will try using pure,
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Retin-a - Payday Loans Online -. Retin A use for lines and acne -.

Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:41 pm Quote: Hello! I plan to start using Retin A Micro .04% to help with my clogged pores. Not too long ago I tried the oil cleansing method that
Retin-a -

Retin A for stretch marks? - Skin Care.


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